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Much has been said and written about smoking as a dangerous health problem. Each and every person who smokes is aware of the fact that their habit could hasten them towards death. Smoking is known to be one of the carcinogenic factors, and could lead to a wide variety of cancers including lung cancer and oral cancer. Smoking also causes various breathing and respiratory problems.

But despite knowing all this, people are reluctant to stop smoking. The main attraction of smoking is tobacco smoke, which is addictive. In addition, tobacco smoke also contains nicotine, which is deadly poisonous to human beings in its pure form. Tar is another harmful ingredient. This can clog the lungs over time.

Many smokers have intentions to give up smoking but cannot go through it in the right way. The main reason behind their inability to give up smoking is its addiction. Of course, a person wishing to give up smoking must have a steely determination to do so. But many a time that is not enough. The body may react violently to the sudden giving up of smoking. For this reason, it is necessary to fortify the body also.

In Ayurveda, there are some good techniques in which the body can be trained to cope up with the reduced smoking habits. This article tries to list some of the better Ayurvedic treatments in helping smokers in their quest of giving up smoking.

Foods to help you while you stop smoking

The nicotine content in the tobacco is so addictive that the users find it very difficult to quit once you get into the habit even if the users want to stop smoking. Apart from changing lifestyle and food habit, ayurveda helps to clean and do away with the root cause of any form of tobacco addiction. Also, there are some foods that can help you while you stop smoking.

#1 Ajwain

Take few seeds of ajwain and chew them whenever you get the craving for tobacco. Initially it might be difficult but chewing them regularly will help do away with the habit of tobacco addiction.


#2 Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps do away with tobacco addiction. Whenever you have the craving for smoking or other forms of tobacco, take a piece of cinnamon and keep sucking for a while. It helps.


#3 Water Kept In Copper Container

Copper scrap off the toxic deposits. Drinking lot of water kept in copper container helps to remove the toxic deposits and lessen the craving for tobacco use over a period of time.

Water Kept In Copper Container

#4 Triphala

Triphala can clear the toxic elements and in turn reduce the craving for toxic tobacco use further. Taking one tablespoon of triphala every night helps.


#5 Basil Leaves

Chewing basil leaves helps reduce the craving for tobacco usage and also it cures the problems caused by its usage earlier. Every morning and evening take about 2-3 basil leaves, chew and eat them.

Basil Leaves

#6 Calamus

A well known herb calamus is helpful to do away with smoking addiction. Add small quantity of calamus in the form of powder with ghee and have it or it can be consumed just in the form of powder.


#7 Ginger, Amla, Turmeric

A ball prepared out of ginger, amla and turmeric powder respectively is said to help reduce the craving for tobacco usage. The ball can be used as sweets, put it in the mouth and suck it.

Ginger, Amla, Turmeric

#8 Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha help the body to get rid of toxins. It helps to alleviate the level of anxiety and also various forms of tobacco addiction. The powder (450 mg to 2 g) prepared out of ashwagandha roots has to be taken for best results.


#9 Chamomile

Chamomile helps to calm down the nerves that provides an urge for smoking addicts. You can take it in the form of tea for 2-3 times a day.


Ayurvedic Tips for Quitting Smoking

Apart from the foods mentioned above that help you while you stop smoking. There are also some ayurvedic tips that can give extra help to kick the habit of smoking.

  • Avoid eating acidic foods such as meat, dairy products, tea, coffee, pasta and breads.
  • Intake of alkaline food such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts etc are highly beneficial.
  • Intake of raisins, beets, lima beans, dandelion, etc can really help you to quit smoking habit.
  • Increase the amount of vitamin C in your eating habits. Fruits rich in vitamin C such as lemon, oranges and grapefruits very useful.
  • Sweet foods reduce the urge of smoking. In addition to that add a small quantity of honey in whatever sweet dishes you consume.
  • When you feel excessive urge of smoking it is suggest to eat something salty. Or you can lick a little salt at that time.
  • Juice of radish along with honey twice a day is very beneficial to quit smoking.
  • Chewing liquorice (mulethi) is a good alternative to cigarette. It helps you to suppress the urge of smoking when you feel so.
  • An ayurvedic massage with aromatic oils is also very effective to relax you mind and suppress the urge for smoking.
  • Herbal extracts of cedar, lavender, lemon, orange, and tea tree along with water should be sprayed in the atmosphere to avoid the fragrance of smoking to enter your surrounding that can stimulate your urge to smoke.
  • Keep yourself busy in some sorts of work that can keep you away from smoking. These ayurvedic tips are really very effective and efficient to curb the urge to smoke in an individual.

In addition to that, you will have not to make any special to follow these tips as they are very easy to carry out.

Besides these techniques, there are various other ways like taking help from a professional ayurvedic doctor, which will help you stop smoking. You can also go to an Ayurvedic retreat or a Yoga retreat. You can combine these retreats and learn all about the ayurvedic medicine and also you can get the mental and spiritual calm that you need.

Remember, socializing with friends or spending quality time with your family, will keep your mind diverted from the stress of quitting.

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